Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.2.2 adds Mastery Challenges and improves River Raids

The next Valhalla patch lands tomorrow - here's what's in it

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is getting another year of content, and you certainly shouldn’t expect the free updates to start drying up now. Title update 1.2.2 is set to go live tomorrow, with a variety of additional content, just as you’ve probably come to expect. Mastery Challenges are the big addition this time, but the update also includes another trio of new skills and a “refresh” for River Raids.

Title update 1.2.2 launches on June 15 at 5am PDT / 8am EDT / 1pm BST. The patch will be 14.14GB on PC.

The Master Challenge game mode takes the form of three different quest types that’ll send you to other realities in order to test your melee, ranged, and stealth skills, respectively. You’ll access the trials via shrines hidden in the world, but you’ll have to be power level 221 and complete the Uninvited Guests mission to get at them. The unlocks from these challenges will open up new options in combat.

Valhalla’s River Raids didn’t make much of an impact at launch, but they’re getting some improvements – mostly, better rewards at the higher levels. Jomsviking attack power has been rebalanced, too.

There are another three new skills here, letting you use your bow while mounted, automatically block attacks from all directions while using a shield, and make use of an unblockable sprint.

The full patch notes are far too voluminous to list here, but you can catch the details on the official site. And for more open-world games, you can follow that link.