Assassin’s Creed is getting its own take on Where’s Wally?

An upcoming "search and find" book called Where's the Assassin? is up for pre-order

As long-time fans of the action-adventure games series will well know, Assassin’s Creed has taken us to many different places and time periods since its launch in 2007. Now, that’s all getting condensed into the pages of a fun new book, as the series is getting its own take on the “search and find” idea popular in the Where’s Wally? puzzle books.

As spotted by Assassin’s Creed fan channel AccessTheAnimus on Twitter, a new ‘spot-the-character’-style book has arrived on merchandise site Forbidden Planet for pre-order. Called Where’s the Assassin? it’s a hardcover book due to be published by Titan later this year, and its premise is simple: “spot the assassins across eras and continents” – so, similar to the beloved Where’s Wally? series by Martin Hanford (which our North American friends might know better as Where’s Waldo?).

Sadly, there aren’t any glimpses of the various hide-and-seek-assassin scenes on the store page, and a quick Google search doesn’t seem to show the book available for pre-order elsewhere, but we can get an idea from its cover. The illustration has a Viking-era scene from the stealth games series’ latest entry Valhalla – perhaps starting settlement Fornburg? – packed with folk, amongst which we can guess there’ll be an Eivor hiding out.

Given Eivor can be male or female in the game, and they can feature quite a bit of customisation, with different armour sets, hairstyles, and tattoos, it’ll be intriguing to see which version of Valhalla’s hero is hiding out. But, hey, surely that’s all part of the fun.

Its store page description also gives us an idea of which scenes we’ll see: “With beautiful, intricate, original illustrations spanning over 2000 years of history, search for 13 iconic assassins through the ages and across the world”.

The store page says the book is due to release on September 7 and is currently priced at £7.19 (it’s not clear what international pricings might be just yet).