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London is calling in Assassin’s Creed Victory

Assassin's Creed Victory

After the boundless freedom of the high seas, the rough and tumble life of a pirate, and the sounds of my ship mates as they sang their shanties, I couldn’t spend more than a few hours with Assassin’s Creed Unity. Black Flag whisked me away on a proper adventure, one that Ubisoft’s Parisian outing failed to improve upon.

Has the lukewarm reception to Unity lead to Ubisoft Montreal heading back to sea? Nope. Kotaku has spilled the beans on the next Assassin’s Creed game, thanks to a video leak, and we’re back in another capital city, this time London. Development duties have been passed to Ubisoft Quebec, so we’ll get to see how another studio handles the core series. It’s time for a fresh start. At least they’ll be able to reuse all of the English voice actors from Unity. 

Assassin’s Creed Victory travels across the Channel to good old Blighty, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Rebellions, gaudy parties and angry Republicans are out, replaced by soot, serial killers and consulting detectives. Okay, I have no idea of Jack the Ripper or Sherlock Holmes will feature, but I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised.

Spring-heeled Jack as an Assassin, perhaps? Misunderstood murderer of Templars posing as prostitutes? Holmes might be less likely, being a completely fictional character, but I’m sure Ubisoft could find a way. Did Arthur Conan Doyle base him on an Assassin that he knew? Or even a, turning it on its head, a horrible Templar?

Details on the game are slim, but we know that the unnamed protagonist will be able to swan around in a top hat, get around the city using a grappling hook, and fight enemies on top of moving carriages. Not surprising, given how gorgeous Unity looked with the approriate rigs, the screenshots of the Victory video are mighty impressive, revealing a London that straddles the line between realistic and gothic fantasy.

Cheers, Kotaku.