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Forget 240Hz… Asus announces 360Hz gaming monitor with Nvidia G-Sync

240Hz is old news... Asus has announced a 360Hz monitor using Nvidia's latest G-Sync chip

Nvidia GeForce G-Sync

Asus has announced the ROG Swift 360Hz G-Sync Monitor, the first competitive gaming screen of its kind built around Nvidia’s new R4 G-Sync module. Packing high rapid refresh rates synced up to your graphics card’s frame buffer, this gaming monitor will be available “later this year.” And here’s hoping that will actually happen.

An Nvidia rep over at CES 2020 tells us that the new Nvidia G-Sync module is “ready to go,” and will only require a few final adjustments and tweaks on the OEM side, specifically to the AUO panel within, to get the green light for public launch. That’s an awfully promising sign, at least.

Once the final panels are finished and shipped to OEMs, we know Asus will be ready and waiting with an initial model. The ROG Swift 360Hz G-Sync Monitor, as it’s currently known, will feature a 24.5-inch 1080p TN panel manufactured by AUO. While this type of panel often sacrifices colour and contrast, TNs are renowned for their speed and relatively low cost to manufacture.

Still, don’t expect the first batch of 360Hz monitors to run for cheap. Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the ROG Swift 360Hz G-Sync Monitor, so you’ll have to wait until later in the year for the full details.

Asus ROG Swift 360Hz Monitor

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The 24.5-inch panel will also be the only model available at launch, we’re told. Nvidia  says this is due to the target esports audience, to whom larger panels are a little less in vogue than mainstream gaming. Rather, this monitor will be targeted towards professional players looking for any marginal leg-up on the competition, or braggarts.