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Asus celebrates GPU Tweak III launch with RTX 3090 Ti giveaway

Asus has unveiled GPU Tweak III, and gaming PC enthusiasts could win a ROG RTX 3090 Ti to celebrate the performance monitoring software's arrival

Asus ROG RTX 3090 Ti graphics card with blurred GPU Tweak III software in backdrop

Asus has unveiled GPU Tweak III, and it’s giving away various gaming PC parts to celebrate the launch of its new monitoring software. Available to download now, the company says its revamped toolkit uses “years of enthusiast feedback and developer dedication” to provide a “feature-rich” experience, which could help you boost fps while managing rig temperature and fan noise.

Announced via Twitter, the Asus GPU Tweak III launch gives gaming PC enthusiasts a chance to get their hands on a graphics card and power supply bundle. Lucky first place winners will be able to snag a ROG Strix LC GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GPU paired with a monstrous 1,000W power supply. Runners up can also still win an Nvidia RTX graphics card, so it’s worth checking out if your rig is in need of a revamp.

Even if you’d rather wait for RTX 4000 cards to arrive, it might still be worth entering Asus’ competition for a PSU alone. Upcoming GPUs like the RTX 4090 supposedly demand 600W, so you’re going to need the best power supply around if you want to make the jump to next gen.

To enter the Asus GPU Tweak III giveaway, head over to its official website. There are eight ways to enter the competition, so you might be in with a chance of bagging some premium parts. Even if you don’t win, it might be worth giving the software a whirl anyway, as it could help you squeeze some performance out of your rickety old rig.