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New FPS is Deus Ex and Half-Life with dinosaurs, you can try it now

Blending Deus Ex and Half-Life into a new immersive sim, Athanasia asks you how you'd actually do in a Jurassic Park situation, for real.

Athanasia Steam FPS game: A dinosaur from Steam FPS Athanasia

If fiction has taught me anything, it’s that dinosaurs coming back is rarely a good thing. They’ll escape a park, disrupt ecosystems, and perhaps most importantly, they’ll tear us all to pieces. Luckily one upcoming Steam game wants to give you the tools to fight back. Mixing Deus Ex, Half-Life, and prehistoric predators, Athanasia is an immersive sim horror FPS, where you battle time-traveling dinosaurs in a low-poly science facility. Sounds great, right? Well, you can play it today.

Blending the old-school visuals and immersive sim mechanics of Deus Ex and the ‘science facility gone wrong’ pitch of Half-Life, Athanasia then throws time-traveling dinosaurs into the mix of this horror FPS game for good measure. It’s slow, atmospheric, and most importantly it’s got lots of dinos to fight.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi classics like System Shock, or more modern immersive sims like Dishonored where the level just begs for you to explore, find secrets, and use all the available tools, then Athanasia is no doubt for you. Environments have multiple paths, there are loads of unique dinosaurs to evade or defeat, and plenty of weapons to use, should you need them.

‘90s videogames have never really gone away, as I always find the crunchy low-poly visual style many modern games adopt from that time still kicking around. It never goes out of style either, and Athanasia looks to use it in truly breathtaking ways, as you can see in the new trailer below.

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“Athanasia is an immersive horror FPS where you play as Carmen Flores, a researcher and explorer,” Athanasia’s description reads. “Called to a mysterious facility in South America where reports of local disappearances and strange phenomena have occurred. Explore to uncover the truth, while battling dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts.”

You can wishlist Athanasia and find the demo on Steam right now, which should give you around an hour of play.

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