Avowed is looking like everything we want from ‘Obsidian does Skyrim’

The Xbox Games Showcase gives us a deeper look at Avowed in action, as Obsidian Entertainment's fantasy-driven RPG takes us to lands anew.

Avowed - a green-skinned humanoid fantasy species in a fancy waistcoat.

Avowed has been revealed in full at the Xbox Games Showcase. The long-awaited Avowed, from Fallout New Vegas and Outer Worlds developer Obsidian Entertainment, takes the team’s touted talent for storytelling to a Elder Scrolls-like fantasy RPG game world, for the Skyrim/Obsidian crossover we always wanted but had never had… until now.

Set in the medieval fantasy realm of Eora, Avowed blends classic sword combat with magic in a way that will be familiar to all lovers of games like The Elder Scrolls, and it looks exactly the way I’d been hoping it would. Combining glorious fantasy realms designs with the colourful worlds we’ve come to appreciate Obsidian for since The Outer Worlds, Avowed is shaping up to be something special.

Watch the gameplay reveal in action below:

YouTube Thumbnail

With Obsidian now being owned by Microsoft, you also won’t be surprised to discover that Avowed will be on Xbox and PC Game Pass at launch. If you’re a subscriber, you can look forward to exploring Eora on day one at no additional cost, then.

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