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What does the Balatro Blank Voucher do?

There are many interesting and powerful vouchers you can purchase that can change your run in Balatro, the Blank voucher isn’t one of them.

Balatro blank voucher: a large, blank voucher.

What does the Balatro Blank voucher do? You’ll figure out fairly quickly in Balatro that vouchers are one of the most game-changing things you can purchase from the shop. They can do many things, ranging from lowering all future shop prices in your run to making foil cards appear with more regularity. The Blank voucher, though, appears to do absolutely nothing.

Balatro captured hearts and minds after its Steam Next Fest demo, and since the full release, it’s managed to capture hearts, clubs, spades, and diam- sorry. It’s popular, is what we’re saying, and we’re getting to grips with the deck-building card game so we can up the ante and go all the way. If you want to unlock your true potential in Balatro, you’ll have to figure out what the Blank voucher does… or read a little bit ahead because we’ve done it already.

Balatro blank voucher: a selection of eight voucher stubs, all with different colorful designs.

What does the Blank voucher do?

Well, it does nothing. You can purchase the Blank voucher from the shop, but as the description states, it doesn’t do anything and will continue to do nothing until you upgrade it to level two. To upgrade the Blank voucher (or any voucher) you have to purchase it ten times.

The level two Blank voucher transforms into the Antimatter voucher. The Antimatter voucher, unlike its low-level brethren, is very powerful because it adds an extra Joker slot, bringing your total of potential Jokers to six.

Balatro blank voucher: a selection of colorful voucher stubs.

So, there you go, the Balatro Blank voucher. Picking up a specific voucher ten times is going to take a fair few runs, so we wouldn’t worry too much about it and just enjoy the ride. Once you do have it though, that extra Joker slot could open up a whole new avenue of Mults and Chips. It’s always good to have something to look forward to, so why not check out our list of the most exciting upcoming games to see what future you will be playing?