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Baldur’s Gate 3 will have co-op multiplayer

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Larian revealed their upcoming Dungeons & Dragon CRPG Baldur’s Gate 3, and if you’re a fan of tabletop campaigning there’s probably one big question you’re now asking yourself: can I play it with my hearty party of adventurers? Well, according to Larian founder and head Swen Vincke, the answer is yes, as Baldur’s gate 3 will have a co-operative play mode.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Vincke confirmed that Baldur’s Gate 3 is “going to be single and multiplayer, and that [players] are going to be able to play the campaign cooperatively, because that’s something that we pioneered in the Divinity Original Sin series”. He went on to add that he thought this was a really important feature, saying “I think it should be part of every single RPG that comes out to be honest”.

As the game has just been announced for PC and Google Stadia, you should have plenty of time to get your rag-tag gang of skirmishers together for some questing. Vincke said “Stadia is cool in the sense that this is a game that you can play in multiplayer”, and that the streaming service “is tech that allows you to just click on a link and start playing, so it makes it much more accessible. So I think that we are going to see more people take up the multiplayer mode as a result of that, and so I’m very curious to see how that’s going to work”.

The only thing Vincke wouldn’t comment on was the prospect of a Game Master mode, but fans of co-op games will still be happy to hear they’re being catered to. This is a feature, originally inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, that allowed Divinity: Original Sin 2 players to much more authentically recreate a tabletop experience in a videogame – dice rolls, an all-seeing, all-controlling game master, and co-op roleplaying included.

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Larian first grew this mode out of a Kickstarter stretch goal that excelled beyond the studio’s, and players’, expectations. Given Vincke’s silence on the subject, we’ll just have to wait to find out if something similar will feature in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Information regarding a release date for Baldur’s Gate 3 is still absent, but I’m sure that for you D&D fans out there, knowledge that you’ll get to take on whatever the game throws at you with your pals at your side is exciting enough for now.

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