Baldur’s Gate’s 25-hour expansion Siege of Dragonspear is slated for an “early 2016” release

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear expansion release date

Beamdog’s extended campaign expansion for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Siege of Dragonspear, now has a release window, and gosh it’s quite soon. Studio boss Trent Oster revealed that it’ll be out in “early 2016” (I’m interpreting that as Q1) in a recent interview with Dragon+.

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Jeremy recently caught up with Oster and discovered that Beamdog’s story expansion is a vast one, some 25 hours in length. Progress in Siege of Dragonspear will follow directly onto the studio’s other great restoration project Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition – so that’s around 100 hours of role-playing without having to take a breather.

It’s another tradtional Sword Coast adventure, with returning characters (Minsc! Shout at me like it’s 1998, old friend) and familiar combat, this time set against a new “enigmatic foe.”

The expansion started life as a small-scale bit of DLC, but as the Beamdog devs focussed more attention on BGII:EE and put it on the backburner, their ideas and ambitions grew. When they returned to it, Siege of Dragonspear became a fully-fledged adventure in its own right, and a chance for the studio to add some real authorship to the franchise it’s so lovingly restored for modern machines and tastes.

If you fancy yourself something of a seasoned pro at the old Infinity Engine RPG combat by now (let’s face it, you’ve had plenty of time to practice) there’s a new difficulty setting called Legacy of Bhaal. It offers “tactical challenges only the most skilled of players can hope to defeat,” say Beamdog on the game’s official site.