Batman: Arkham Knight will never support dual GPUs

Arkham Knight no dual GPU support

If you’re rocking an SLI or Crossfire graphics card set-up in your PC, we sadly have to inform you that you’ll never get to use the power of both cards when playing Batman: Arkham Knight. The woeful PC port of the game was supposed to eventually receive support for dual GPUs, but Warner Bros. have decided to abandon it due to it causing problems.

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“We’ve been working with our development and graphics driver partners over the last few months to investigate utilizing multi-GPU support within Batman: Arkham Knight,” explained a Warner Bros. representative known as wb.elder.pliny in response to a Steam Community query.

“The result was that even the best case estimates for performance improvements turned out to be relatively small given the high risk of creating new issues for all players. As a result we’ve had to make the difficult decision to stop work on further multi-GPU support. We are disappointed that this was not practical and apologize to those who have been waiting for this feature.”

For SLI or Crossfire users who have been holding onto Arkham Knight since its disastrous launch, this must come as upsetting news. It’s hard not to think that Arkham Knight is doomed to run poorly forever. Warner Bros. are still offering refunds for displeased customers, though. If you’d like a Steam Refund on your copy of Arkham Knight, you have until the end of 2015 to claim it.

Thanks, VG247.