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Battalion 1944 player count increases by 3600% after leaving Early Access

The shooter is seeing its biggest player count boost in a year

Battalion 1944 was meant to signal a resurgence for old-school multiplayer shooters, but player counts faltered after the game hit Early Access last year and never quite recovered. Now the game has officially entered full release, and it seems that many of those early players are coming back – the game’s now reaching its biggest player counts in over a year.

As of this story, the player count has reached 3,789, and it’s still going up. That’s not quite the 16k players that hopped into the game at the Early Access launch, but it is the best peak the game has reached in any month since. Battalion 1944’s second major update brought some flashes of life in July, but even that peak stopped at 578.

The April 2019 peak was 102, so the new player count is a massive increase, as you can see on Steam Charts. (An increase of 3614%, to be precise.) Studio lead Joe Brammer has taken to Twitter to poke some fun at the idea of this being a “dead game” – though, in fairness, it still remains to be seen how many of those players will stick around for the long haul.

Battalion 1944 officially hit 1.0 on May 23, though as with any online game the developers say there are still plenty of updates in the works.

You can see the game in action through the new trailer above.

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If you want to play it for yourself, Battalion 1944 is available now on Steam at a 20% launch discount, which brings the price to $15.99 / £12.79 / €15.99.