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Amazing 9/10 FPS game is now free to play, for a while

One of the surprise FPS hits of 2023, and rival to Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter-Strike 2, BattleBit is free to play right now.

BattleBit free to play: A soldier from Call of Duty and Battlefield-style FPS game BattleBit

Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Counter-Strike 2 are fantastic online shooters in their own right, but naturally, you need a pretty solid gaming PC to get them running at top spec. The makers of BattleBit saw a niche and jumped right in – 254 players, destructible maps, but with a visual style that means anyone can join the fun, regardless of their hardware budget. One of the breakout hits of 2023, and proof that talented independent developers can find success in even the most triple-A dominated genres, if you haven’t tried BattleBit yet, it’s got a 9/10 rating from players on Steam, and it’s suddenly gone free to play – at least for a short while.

If you’re accustomed to the superlative visuals of CoD and Battlefield, you can be forgiven for looking at BattleBit and thinking it’s blocky and low-tech. But alongside that lo-fi visual style – which actually gives the game a fantastically unique aesthetic, as well as making it widely accessible – this is a huge-scale, often spectacular shooter that captures the purest essence of multiplayer warfare. 254-player games. Vehicles. Character classes. Destructible buildings. For me, the peak of Battlefield was Battlefield 3 – BattleBit feels like a return to that wonderful FPS game era.

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And now you can try it for free. The first ever BattleBit free weekend runs from Thursday, November 30 to Monday, December 4. The free weekend is accompanied by a new game mode, Invasion, modeled after the Operations from Battlefield 1.

A team of attackers tries to push forward; a team of defenders tries to hold them back. The twist is that it takes place across multiple maps, so if the defenders lose the first game on map one, they get another chance on map two, and so on. There’s also a new weapon, the RPK16, new weapon skins, and a whole-new map named Outskirts. You can jump into BattleBit, free of charge, right here.

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