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New FPS game beats CSGO and Starfield to become Steam’s top seller

Battlefield-inspired shooter BattleBit has been out less than a day, but has already dislodged CSGO and Starfield to become the best-selling game on Steam.

New Steam top seller is BattleBit: A low-poly, blocky soldier in a hat and goggles stands in front of a battlefield in multiplayer FPS game BattleBit

Move over, CSGO. Get out of the way, Starfield. A new Battlefield-style multiplayer FPS game, BattleBit, has already become the top-selling game on Steam after less than a day on release. Launching onto Valve’s storefront on June 15, BattleBit combines PS1-style, low-poly graphics with 254-player lobbies, creating a unique brand of mass-destructive shooter action, and it’s a massive, massive hit. Counter-Strike and Call of Duty be darned. The PC has a new multiplayer FPS champion.

As of this writing, less than 24 hours since the early access version of BattleBit went live, the big-scale war game is already ahead of CSGO, Starfield, CoD Modern Warfare 2, and even the Steam Deck at the very peak of Steam’s top-seller list.

In its first day, it’s already hit a peak of 31,394 players, above The Sims 4, Left 4 Dead 2, Elden Ring, and Hunt Showdown. Collaborative developers The Liquid Horse, Vilaskis, and SgtOkiDoki clearly have a hit on their hands, and if you haven’t tried BattleBit already, this is surely the time to get started.

New Steam top seller is BattleBit: A chart showing that BattleBit is the top-selling game on Steam above CSGO and Starfield

As well as 254-player lobbies, BattleBit boasts a fully destructible environment, 18 maps, 44 weapons with customizations and upgrades, a dynamic day-and-night cycle, and an old-school class system that lets you choose between assault, recon, medic, support, and engineer.

With its low-poly visuals, the developers say BattleBit is “exhaustively optimized” for the highest possible frames-per-second, so even if your gaming rig isn’t top of the line, you can jump in and start blasting.

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It’s worth remembering that CSGO is free-to-play, and it’s sat at the top of the Valve chart for months and months, especially after an explosion of players since the reveal of Counter-Strike 2. The fact BattleBit has beat it is a huge achievement. You can pick up the new multiplayer FPS champ on Steam right here.

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