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Battleborn’s E3 trailer promotes various forms of badassery

Battleborn E3 trailer

I never need to look at a calendar to know how far away E3 is. I can feel it in my stomach; the acid building up in my belly, the gassy build up. It’s coming. With less than two weeks to go, we will soon be swimming in E3 trailers. Spare a thought for those we will lose during this period, as they drown in all the slickly produced teasers and flashy gameplay videos. 

Gearbox’s MOBA-flavoured FPS, Battleborn, has been given the E3 trailer treatment today, and if you direct your eyes below, you’ll see the colourful cast of violent eccentrics doing their thing. 

For every kind of badass, they say. I am, lamentably, not any kind of badass, so I may have to give this one a miss. That’s a shame, because robotic bird men and samurai vampires sound very much up my street.

Battleborn is due out this winter, but we’ll undoubtedly be seeing plenty more of it before then.