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Get Battleborn and 11 more 2K games for $15


Update July 26, 2016: As if the 2K Humble Bundle wasn't already amazing value, four more games have just been added to the lineup.

If you purchase the 2K Humble Bundle now, you get a total of 12 games, including Battleborn, for $15. 

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The four new games that have just been added are Freedom Force, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and Railroad Tycoon 3. These join the games listed below.

Original Story July 19, 2016: The 2K Humble Bundle is a cracker, offering Battleborn and eight other games for $15. You get a bunch of games cheap and you support a charity while you're at it. Go you. 

You can pay more if you're feeling charitable, but $15 will get you Battleborn, some Battleborn in-game currency, some Battleborn skins, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Mafia 2, NBA 2K16, Civilization V, Darkness 2, Spec Ops: The Line, Duke Nukem Forever (just ignore that one if you want) and another yet-to-be-announced game. 

While some might take this as proof that Battleborn failed, hopefully the game going so cheap will give it the player injection it sorely needs. Even discounting Battleborn, it's a damn good deal.

I've played Civ V for 26 hours and I'm still playing my first match. It's fantastic and will last you forever. Spec Ops: The Line is a bit of an underrated gem - average shooting in a great setting and backed by an intriguing story. Likewise, Darkness 2 is kinda overlooked, despite being stylish, short and sweet. Mafia 2 still holds up today and is probably worth a revisit before the sequel appears later this year. 

Head to the Humble Bundle site to grab this bargain.

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Scionyde avatarShoom avatarWhiteCrow avatarAnAuldWolf avatarTactical Craptical avatartemeltgz avatar+1
Shoom Avatar
1 Year ago

"I've played Civ V for 26 hours" Oh dear, my young Padawan. When you get 200+ things start to get interesting.

WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Year ago

Yup. In no time at all you'll be able to predict where Gandhi will send his nukes!

Scionyde Avatar
1 Year ago

Hm, I think I'll pull the trigger on this. Hopefully it helps Battleborn a little bit, because I really did enjoy the open beta.

Tactical Craptical Avatar
1 Year ago

I bought Battleborn at release and refunded it due to the AMD card issues of getting 15 FPS on the lowest setting despite surpassing the recommended specs.. I bought it again in the bundle because I really liked the concept (and some of the other games included) I played it last night and most of the framerate issues are fixed and it is a lot of fun. I hope it can at least stay somewhat afloat.

temeltgz Avatar
1 Year ago

is this offer just for pc or on xbox to ?

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I always felt bad for The Pre-Sequel. It's a genuinely joyful game and, for me, the funniest of all of the Borderlands games. Especially with the chatter the characters were given between one another.

A lot of the complaints about it seemed to (unfortunately) amount to "Too Australian for me 'cause I'm a giant xenophobe."

Battleborn is in a weird place at the moment, I'm worried about it. I don't have much more to say about it than that.

MrAptronym Avatar
1 Year ago

There are a lot of real complaints to be had about Pre-sequel, I loved a lot about it, but it was more sparse on content, and apparently had some failings for the group of hardcore raiding players.

My big issue was that it never got as much high-quality DLC support as the other Borderlands games. Though I do think the characters are the most interesting to play in the series. I especially like Aurelia. I do think the story writing isn't always great though.