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Command and Conquer gets a spiritual successor in new Steam RTS game

Command and Conquer classics like Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn live on thanks to a new Steam RTS game that you can try out right this second.

Battlefall State of Conflict Steam RTS game: A military base from new Steam RTS game Battlefall State of Conflict

It was the simplicity that made classic Command and Conquer work so well. Units were governed by a straightforward rock, paper, scissors system – tanks can easily destroy buildings, but they’re weak against rocket infantry – and the UI and layout were instantly intuitive. Click here. Now click here. That’s it – you’ve built your base. While the Westwood classic lies dormant, long-time RTS fans are surely pining for the return of Command and Conquer. We’ve got the boomer shooter. Why not the boomer real-time strategy game? Taking inspiration from Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, and even the music of Frank Klepacki, one visionary developer aims to fill the void left by C & C. Available to play now, this is a new Steam RTS game with retro pedigree.

Battlefall: State of Conflict is a post-apocalyptic RTS game where the final remnants of life wage war for the planet’s scant remaining resources. In true Command and Conquer fashion, there are multiple factions. The EFNET represents humankind’s last stand. Their units are based around conventional modern warfare, and mechanically they’re closest to the GDI or the Allies from Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert respectively.

The Scrappers are mutants and anarchists driven wild by the nuclear apocalypse. They attack as a horde, using makeshift weapons and tech, and crude guerilla tactics. Finally, you have the SEL, emotionless automatons and artificial intelligences that are slow to expand, but deadly even in smaller numbers.

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The full version of Battlefall will include campaigns for each faction, as well as skirmish modes, co-op missions, a custom unit creator, and a map editor. With a gorgeous isometric visual style and throwback, polygonal aesthetic, if you want to try Battlefall for yourself, you can get the new demo right here. We don’t have a release date yet, but if classic Command and Conquer has been missing from your life, this may well be the answer.

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