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DICE are making major changes to Battlefield 1’s shotguns and SMGs

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DICE are making their biggest set of changes yet to Battlefield 1’s weapons balance in a new patch. The tweaks will affect the damage and accuracy of a variety of guns across several classes.

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The biggest takeaway here seems to be to light weaponry, in particular light machine guns and SMGs. These now all do more damage, scaling up by around three to five damage per hit. That should mean that these guns will take one less hit to kill enemies.

Elsewhere, self-loading rifles are having their accuracy and range increased, with the biggest changes seeming to be to the medic class. Meanwhile, shotguns are getting better pellet dispersion.

DICE say the changes are designed to reduce the difference between fast- and slow-firing weapons in terms of the speed at which you can kill people with them.

“This should get most of the weapons to reach a time-to-kill closer to that of Battlefield 4 and allow players with great weapon control and mechanical skills to have a better chance dealing with multiple enemies and coming out victorious of a duel even if they start with a health disadvantage,” DICE say.

These are bold changes, and are likely to entirely change up the meta as it currently exists. Given that the intense new Incursions mode is on its way, it’s an interesting time to make such sweeping changes.