DICE “need much, much better systems” to deal with cheating in Battlefield 1 Incursions

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Battlefield 1 Incursions will have more anti-cheat technology available than the base game. The game’s producer David Sirland tells us the impact of cheating in a more competitive setting is “a big risk” to the success of the new mode.

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While large-scale Battlefield games obviously suffer from the occasional undesirable, it’s often easy enough to make your way around those problems. Larger maps and teams make it easier to simply move away from people irritating you, and you’re simply less likely to be paired with the same people time after time. The much smaller scale of Incursions, however, means that cheating and toxicity is something that its development team are worried about.

In interview at Gamescom, Sirland tells us, “we see that as a big risk area, because in competitive, cheating is going to be even more prevalent, so we’re treating that with utmost respect. The same goes for toxicity, because it’s not only cheating that causes problems for other players, and makes their experience bad, someone being toxic is probably worse. Especially when you start having a matchmaker that looks into your rank, you’re going to end up with the same problem over and over again.”

“We need much, much better systems to handle that, and ways for players to report, and know what happened, and why. More information around that, for sure, it’s a key area that we’re looking at. We will want more systems to deal with that.”

Sirland does suggest that there’ll be some form of reward system for players who prove themselves to be enjoyable to play with, akin perhaps to League of Legends’s honor system, which rewards you for playing well and being nice to your team-mates. These systems will be being tested as soon as the game enters its alpha testing.

You can sign up for the PC-only Battlefield 1 Incursions alpha on Origin right now, even if you don’t own the base game.