Battlefield 1’s May Update will buff AA Guns and add an Operations Playlist

Battlefield 1 May Update buff AA Guns Operations Playlist

The May update for Battlefield 1 is just around the corner and DICE have revealed their intended changes in what is to be a large gameplay patch. Major alterations will be made to the Operations game mode, itself a relatively new addition to the game, with the introduction of an Operations Playlist. There will also be a significant buff to AA guns.

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You can check out the livestream (starting at 18:49) over at the Battlefield YouTube channel. Here are a few of the key changes.

  • Players can choose to remain in their current Operations playlist server and replay the same loop as many times as they like.
  • In Operations Playlist, sides will automatically switch on rotation.
  • Operations matchmaking has been improved and will now be faster and better.
  • A “Join Any Operation” button will be added to the menu.
  • AA guns have an improved height range and increased health.
  • Stationary AA guns can now be repaired.
  • The range of AA guns has been narrowed to ensure planes can’t be shot down from across the map.
  • All tanks now self-repair at the same rate but are more vulnerable.
  • Bayonet charges have been nerfed, aiming speed modifier has been changed, and the small health boost is gone.
  • Rear camera has been added to planes.
  • Ticket count on Domination is increased from 100 to 200 tickets.
  • Fighter planes now have speed boosts & incendiary bullets, and Bombers get the ability to repair.

There is currently no word as to exactly when the changes will go live. You can grab Battlefield 1 on Origin for $59.99/£49.99. You can also head on over to MWeb’s Gamezonefor a more detailed summary.