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DICE are making Battlefield 1’s Operations Campaigns available for free

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DICE are making more Battlefield 1 content available to players who only own the base game. As part of yesterday’s Fire & Ice Operation Campaigns update, all players are now able to access the premium Operations DLC.

Here’s ten minutes of Battlefield 1’s upcoming Incursions mode.

In a Battlefield 1 forum post, lead gameplay designer Alex Sulman wrote that the update would mean that Operation Campaigns “will be open to all players, always, regardless of the Operations contains,” and that “if you only have the base version of Battlefield 1 you will still be able to play operations that are part of expansions you do not own.”

While you’ll have access to the Operations themselves, you won’t have access to maps, weapons, vehicles, or elites outside of the campaigns. You’ll also “only be able to access the Operations that are part of the active campaign,” which means they’ll change every two weeks as the Operations rotate.

While Sulman says that the best way to access Operations content is to buy a Premium Pass, the goal is apparently to “ensure the best chance at the most populated servers we can,” and that “we feel opening up the content to all players is the best way to do this.”

Elsewhere in the post, Sulman discusses some changes coming soon to Operations. Those include lowering the points requirement from 30,000 to 25,000 to help reduce time investment, as well as other issues, like narrowly missing out on score totals, low drop rates, and limited skin varieties. You can check out the full post in the link above.