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Battlefield 1’s latest Easter Egg has a shark popping up on the Fort de Vaux map

Battlefield 1 Shark

As a throwback to the original Megalodon Easter egg in Battlefield 4, DICE have inserted another shark-based Easter egg into the recent They Shall Not Pass DLC for Battlefield 1. Hidden within a certain muddy puddle on the new Fort de Vaux map, a shark will pop up to snack on an unfortunate soldier, should certain conditions be met.

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Hints for this Easter egg started before the launch of They Shall Not Pass, with the ‘A Beginning’ dog tag which hid a morse code message in its description. Once deciphered, the message told players to “await further instruction”. Upon the release of They Shall Not Pass, players discovered a gramophone record hidden on the new Fort de Vaux map, which could be played by taking it to a specific record player. Listening to the song on the record, players transcribed the notes of said song and then used a special French musical cryptogram to uncover yet another message.

The message talked of “a secret below Vaux”, which lead to soliders combing the maps for possible secrets. They eventually discovered three valves which, when turned, caused a puddle to form near capture point C. Players were able to make it turn blood red by melee killing three people while standing in the water. While the puddle was the perfect spot to summon a ravenous shark, the beast needed to be woken up. By throwing a grenade down a pipe near capture point B, the shark awoke from its slumber and was ready to feast. Returning to the puddle, players were then able to summon the giant great white shark by sending one poor individual to be the bait.

For a full video rundown of how to activate this Easter egg, check out the video above where notable Battlefield YouTuber jackfrags has recreated the steps which players must go through to summon the shark. With two more DLC packs still on the way for Battlefield 1, who knows what DICE will do as their next elaborate joke.