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Here’s how Battlefield 1’s newest game mode, Supply Drop, works

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In the next Battlefield 1 DLC, In the Name of the Tsar, there’s going to be a brand new game mode: Supply Drop. As it’s new to the game, we got an explanation of how it works straight from the horse’s mouth – producer Andrew Gulotta.

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Supply Drop is inspired by the huge areas the Eastern Front of World War 1 took place on. As it was impossible to spread the number of soldiers over such a huge area and effectively cover it all, supplies were limited on the front lines, and they had to get flown in. That’s where Supply Drop comes from.

In Battlefield 1, teams fight over these supply drops, which give the capturing team all sorts of goodies – ammo, health, vehicles, and pickups for Elite classes. The team that then captures more points, wins – a pretty simple deal, all things considered. Ammo and health is more commonly found in supply drops, but vehicles and Elite class pickups are made to turn the tide of battle in the winning team’s favour.

It seems very similar to Star Wars Battlefront’s Drop Zone mode, although on a much grander scale, given the inspirations on the Eastern Front. The mode is coming out in September this year. For more on that DLC, we’ve got the lowdown from its initial announcement at EA’s E3 2017 press conference.