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Secret morse code in Battlefield 1 sends players on another Easter egg hunt

No time to fight, trench-dwellers, there are Easter eggs to hunt!

It looks like Battlefield 1 has stayed true to the series’ traditions of hosting some of the best-hidden secrets in gaming. 

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The mystery that has – for now – stumped the hard-working folk of Reddit concerns the headphones that spawn in variable locations in the game’s multiplayer maps. It has been discovered in the days since release that, when worn, these headphones enable players to interact with radio stations hidden around the maps.

With headphones equipped, the radios will broadcast what sounds like morse code, but it’s here that attempts to make sense of the transmissions collapse: they translate into seeming nonsense. Here are a few examples, drawn from the Google Doc compiling information from hunters across the Internet:


Contributors to that document are trying everything to wring sense from the characters, including anagram programs and every language under the Sun, but no luck as yet. If you’d like to help them out, here are a few things we know about the headphones:

  • There’s only one pair per game, they only spawn once per game, and you can only see them when you’re five meters away or closer
  • Only the player carrying them can hear the radio
  • If the player carrying the headphones dies, they can be picked up by someone else
  • Headphones are on every server, it’s just a matter of finding them

You should also check out jackfrags on YouTube, who has a handy guide to some of the headphone locations.

Battlefield, as a series, has form when it comes to convoluted mysteries. Google Battlefield 4’s Megalodon or its ‘illuminati’ easter egg for an idea of how intricate they can get.