Battlefield 2042 is finally getting a new scoreboard next month

EA is also issuing some changes to Portal to help with your XP grind

Soldiers examine a bit of space capsule tech in what is definitely not a metaphor for Battlefield 2042 server issues

While Battlefield 2042 has seen its fair share of challenges since launching last year, one of the more consistent requests from fans has been a new scoreboard. Fret not, though! As change is on the way.

EA has laid out its plans for Battlefield 2042 over the coming weeks. In mid to late February, fans are getting a refreshed scoreboard UI that features a new panel that showcases how players are stacking up across the server. Further changes have been in the works since earlier this month, too. The team has shared an in-progress shot, which you can catch below.

That’s only the start as EA plans to make further improvements as time goes on. “[The] scoreboard will receive further updates beyond this refresh – this isn’t a one and done deal for us,” the developer says on Twitter. “Expect to see us iterate on this further once it’s live in-game, and we look forward to your feedback once this new scoreboard goes live in February.”

Before we get there, though, Battlefield 2042 is getting another update this week. That one features a handful of stability improvements and more changes for Portal that will provide more servers and game types so you can progress mastery and weekly missions more easily for XP.

EA also touches on matchmaking preferences in all-out warfare and all-platform voice chat, explaining that the pair is on the team’s radar, though no updates are forthcoming just yet.

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