Battlefield 4 PC beta scuppered by freezes and crashes for some


A select group of Battlefield 3 Premium buyers, Medal of Honor: Warfighter survivors and Battlefield 4 pre-orderers have become the first few to see the Battlefield 4 client crash upon joining a game, and to exclusively witness the error message ‘BF4 Beta has stopped working’.

DICE have begun investigating potential causes of freezes and crashes after Battlefield 4 beta players complained of the issue. In the meantime, they’ve asked the unlucky lot to ensure that Windows is fully updated and that their graphics card is running on its latest driver – although some GeForce users found a fix in downgrading their driver to an early version.

Other PC-specific problems reported to DICE include some “unusually low” performance, and video settings that fail to save upon quitting the game. More fun is the errant ‘E’ tooltip to enter the Venom helicopter, currently visible at a distance of 400 metres. It really is a proper beta with bugs and everything, then, rather than the pre-release private multiplayer period currently in vogue.

It seems DICE have also had a number of reports from players running 32 bit operating systems, and have reminded them that a 64 bit equivalent is needed to run the game during testing.

The beta will be less particular about its occupants from this Friday, October 4. And then Battlefield 4 comes out on October 29. It’s all sort of imminent, isn’t it?

Thanks, CVG.