Battlefield 4 PC patch sees off Battle Pickup exploit, debugs Commander mode on mobile

Battlefield 4

DICE were going for Dambusters when they designed Battlefield 4’s levolution shtick, but eight months on they’re still plugging holes. Yesterday’s patch has tackled several bugs in the game’s Commander App, extracted an exploit and, gosh, acknowledged the existence of joystick users.

The Battlefield 4 Commander app for tablets allows players to direct their teammates to objectives and deploy war assets without the inconvenience of turning on their PC.

DICE haven’t let us know precisely what they’ve fixed in it – but if you’ve had trouble with the app in the past, it might be worth another go today.

In the game proper, the developers have removed an exploit which saw players repeatedly picking up the highly-powered weapons at Battle Pickup spots.

Elsewhere, they’ve built a new user interface which allows players to tweak the dead zone of their joysticks. Steady. The lack of that option had apparently been preventing some hardcore pilots from flying with their preferred equipment.

And guess what: you can now double tap forward to sprint, for extra urgency. Reckon you’ll make use of that? Check the Battlelog forums for full patch notes.