Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth adds a floating restaurant and a vanishing lake

Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth

Battlefield 4’s upcoming expansion, Dragon’s Teeth, has nothing to do with the Argonautica. There will be no soldiers sprouting from canines or hunts for golden fleeces. Knowing this, as I do, makes me extremely sad. 

It will, however, feature gunfights on a floating island and the ability to drain a lake. That makes the lack of Greek mythology easier to stomach. 

Dragon’s Teeth, the entirety of which is set in Asia, throws four new maps into the mix. All Asian cities which you can hunt folk down in and shoot presumably more bullets than you could possibly count, even if you can count really high, like to 100. Or more!

On top of this, there are five new weapons, a ballistic shield – which stops you from becoming Swiss cheese – and a new remotely operated ground vehicle: the R.A.W.R. Rawr.

A new game mode makes an appearance, too. Chain Link tasks army folk with securing capture points in a chain to win the battle. There are going to be 10 new assignments added as well.

Dragon’s Teeth is due out later this summer, but you’ll be able to get access two weeks early if you’ve got Battlefield 4 Premium.

Any of this floating your restaurant boat?