Battlefield 5 Boys AT Rifle: how to get the anti-material rifle from Tides of War Chapter 3

Want to get your hands on the tank-busting sniper rifle? Of course you do

at rifle in battlefield 5

This week’s new unlockable weapon in Tides of War is the Battlefield 5 Boys AT Rifle, a powerful sniper intended to be used against vehicles. You can unlock this as part of the weekly Tides of War challenges, but the challenges for this week are particularly cruel and will take quite a lot of grinding and careful play to complete. However, from the gameplay we’ve seen so far the new Boys AT Rifle may well be worth the hard work.

As with all Battlefield 5 Tides of War challenges, don’t be alarmed if the challenges below seem to tricky to complete in a week, as you can buy the weapon later with Company Coins.

So how is the weapon itself? While you’ll need to go prone in order to ADS with it, it does have decent hip-fire accuracy and will kill an enemy with one shot within 100 metres. On top of that it deals a lot of damage to light armour and is even effective against tanks if you manage to land some shots on weak spots.

Battlefield 5 Boys AT Rifle challenges

So what will you need to do to grab this anti-material rifle for yourself? Below you’ll find the full list of challenges, just bear in mind that you don’t need to complete them all.

  • Commandeered – 10,000 Chapter XP
    As a squad earn 1000 score using civilian vehicles (Firestorm) or towable weapons (MP).
  • Let the Sunshine in – 10,000 Chapter XP
    (Firestorm) As a squad, open a vehicle lockup in Firestorm.
  • Fireworks – 10,000 Chapter XP
    (Firestorm) Inflict 300 damage using explosives in Firestorm.
  • Firepower Kill – 4,500 Chapter XP
    Disable the turret of 1 enemy tank
  • Mobility Kill – 4,500 Chapter XP
    Disable the engine of 1 enemy tank.
  • All Guns Forward – 10,000 Chapter XP
    (Firestorm) As a squad kill 5 enemies using vehicles or stationary weapons in Firestorm.
  • Catastrophic Kill -10,000 Chapter XP
    Destroy 1 enemy tank.
  • Gimme Something Good – 4,500 Chapter XP
    (Firestorm) As a squad call in 1 vehicle reinforcements in Firestorm.
  • High Horse – 25,000 Chapter XP
    Capture 3 objectives or resupply points while in a vehicle.
  • Moon Shot – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Destroy an enemy aircraft using an AT cannon, Panzerfaust or PIAT.
  • Big Machines – 25,000 Chapter XP
    As a squad, earn 3000 score using vehicles or stationary weapons.
  • (Optional) Mission Kill – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Inflict 5 Part Disables on enemy vehicles using the Boys AT Rifle.

And there you have it. That first challenge is very nasty indeed, but once you’ve cleared it the rest aren’t too bad. Our advice is to enter a car in Firestorm just before the last 32, 16, and 8 player marks so you get all those points while in a vehicle.

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With this new sniper you should finally have a decent way of fighting heavy armour as a recon expert, so no more begrudgingly spawning in with an anti-tank loadout.