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Battlefield 5 LS/26: all the weekly challenges to unlock the new LMG

Here are the challenges you need to complete in order to grab the new Battlefield 5 LMG

battlefield 5 ls26 lmg challenges

Another week, another new Battlefield 5 weapon – this week you have the opportunity to unlock the Battlefield 5 LS/26 LMG, also known as the Lahti-Saloranta M26. This Finnish LMG isn’t particularly well known and certainly has its share of problems, but is supposedly very accurate. A lot of the new Battlefield 5 LMGs introduced through weekly challenges have been MMGs, so it’s good to see a new LMG added to the support arsenal.

To grab the Battlefield 5 LS/26 LMG for yourself you’ll need to complete a set of weekly challenges, which you can monitor in the Tides of War menu. There are a total of 11 Trial By Fire Week 5 challenges, two of which are optional. However, you only actually need to complete five challenges to unlock the new Battlefield 5 LMG – just take a look at the menu screen in-game to see what path best suits your style of play.

A lot of these challenges are designed to tie in with the reintroduction of Squad Conquest, which is the 8 vs. 8 variation where teams that work together tend to win. Here are the Battlefield 5 LS/26 LMG challenges:

  • Lockdown – 4,500 Chapter XP
    Capture 2 Objectives
  • (Optional) Valkyrie – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Down, Kill or Driver Assist 1 enemy while seated in a Kolibri synchropter in Firestorm
  • Fighting for a Cause – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Earn 1500 score in one round
  • Pulling Your Weight – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Get 10 squad assists or kills while attacking objectives
  • Naked Force – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Deal 2000 damage using Assault Rifles or Semi-Auto Rifles
  • Tank Repairman – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Repair your teammates vehicles for 150 health
  • One for All – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Revive squadmates or be revived by squadmates 20 times
  • Lead Farmer – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Kill, down, or suppression assist 20 enemies
  • Toe the Line – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Complete 5 squad orders
  • Zero-Sum Game – 25,000 Chapter XP
    Kill or down enemies or revive teammates 40 times
  • (Optional) New Noisy Toy – 10,000 Chapter XP
    Suppress or kill 30 enemies with the LS/26

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And there you have it. This LMG will be available to unlock for just over a week, while the previous weekly challenges are due to expire on April 25, 2019. If you’ve yet to grab the Commando Carbine then you haven’t got long.

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