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Battlefield 5 might get a single-player story from the German perspective

Battlefield 5 will have four War Stories at launch - and the next one coming after release might just star the Germans

Battlefield V’s single-player mode once again picks up the War Stories concept, with a series of vignettes from different parts of the war – and it looks like one of them might just be from the German perspective.

The latest Battlefield V trailer offers a handful of details on War Stories, including titles and teaser images for each of the mini-campaigns. The final one is coming post-launch – it’s called The Last Tiger, and the teaser image looks very much like a German officer commanding a German-built Tiger tank.

A campaign exploring the German side of World War II is a sensitive idea to say the least. Even Battlefield 1 avoided the German perspective, and that WW1 setting comes without the whole ‘Nazi’ thing. All we’ve got right now is a single teaser, and speculatively you can theorize several potential stories like an Allied faction capturing a Tiger tank (not unlikely, given that the ‘last Tiger’ still operational today was captured by British forces) or a German squad having a change of heart and defecting.

The idea of a German soldier defecting and heading over to the Allied side seems pretty familiar after DICE’s last game, since it’s more or less exactly what happens in the Battlefront 2 campaign. Of course, the metaphorical Nazis of the Star Wars universe are a less thorny topic than the Nazis of actual history, and even something as simple as a redemption arc would be a challenge to handle effectively.

War Stories will have four chapters at launch, titled Prologue, Nordlys, Tirailleur, and Under No Flag. Nordlys has you playing as a resistance member during the German occupation of Norway, and it’s the story we’ve seen the most of so far. Under No Flag has a British criminal using “his unique sets of skills behind enemy lines in North Africa.”

The Last Tiger will follow up some time after the Battlefield 5 release date, and given how the game’s ditching the premium pass, it’ll be another free update.