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Battlefield 3 easter egg is an actual egg of dinosaur-like proportions


Just when we thought all the secrets Battlefield 3 had to offer had been torn from the earth and gazed upon by the great unwashed masses, we learn that there’s something hidden in the Alborz Mountains. It involves some gnomes and (possibly) the skeleton of a long extinct reptile.

JackFrags has been exploring every inch of the new Armored Kill DLC and he’s stumbled across this:

As it is, that’s quite nifty but hop aboard the speculocomotive as we take a ride into Greater Guessington, pausing only to spool upThe Speculatron 2000 and get into theSpeclu-mobile at the station for the short drive to the Speculatorium. What if this points to something a little more jurassic than the niftiness we originally thought? What if this is DICE finally telling us they’re working on the fabled Dino DLC? Maybe it’s a hint for its inclusion inBattlefield 4?

You darn teasers DICE.