Battlefield 3: End Game’s Air Superiority mode will support 24 planes in the air


Battlefield 3’s final piece of DLC, End Game, is almost in our hands, what with its 2 March release date. Over the weekend we learned details of each of the four new maps and, as media types like us will do, we’ve now laid hands on a video interview that details the two game modes packaged with End Game. I’m careful not to say ‘new’ because both Capture the Flag and Air Superiority have featured in Battlefield games of old, instead they are making a return with this DLC.

Among other things, the Battlefield TV interview tomorrow reveals that Air Superiority will support 24 jets simultaneously in the air, 12 on each team.

Check out the interviews with DICE producer Craig McLeod and game designer Gustav Halling below.

Now I must tell you before you click play that the video below is en Francais (in French). Luckily for you I got a C grade in my French GCSE so I’ve provided a pretty accurate translation of the pas dans Anglais (not in English) bits. After that I’ve summarised what comes out from the interviews.

00:00: “Peggy says.”

00:39: “Hello to you, fans of Beef TV. Today is the fifth week of the month of Tactical. So here you find me playingpaint ballat a site very much like Alborz Mountain. Also on the program we have a stare at the slaves working themachinerywithin Nvidia, some French beef reviews, and also an interview with some DICE about the N-Gage.”

01:18: [While the speech at this point switches to English the subtitles make for interesting reading] Help. I’ve been trapped and caught by the producers of Beef TV. They are forcing me to write subtitles and denounce my beloved chicken. I will attempt to make my bid for freedom during the intermission while they are busy editing together the footage of the Nvidia slaves and the sacrificial paint ball ceremony. If you do not hear of my successful return tell my family the truth: I do not, and never have, preferred beef to the true meat. [After this the subtitles simply begin listing recipes for different chicken dishes.]

03:59:Now with those interviews out the way let us turn to the slaves over at Nvidia. Watch as they work the controls on the machines. Little do they know their end of shift claps simply spur the hardware manufacturer to raid more orphanages for their labour force. Here we can see how the workers have been arranged in oppositional teams to spur on their work, using the threats of death to discourage failure. Of course, there can only be one winner each day. Thecasualties of each day’s shiftare truly horrific. Let us speak with the winners as their former-brethren are disposed of.

04:31:No, I do not feel remorse. It was us or them. We did not make the rules. Nvidia did. Any blame lies at their feet.

04:40: There you have it. The words of a murderer or a sufferer, it is for you to decide. Let us now speak with an Nvidia spokesperson.

04:57:Of course, we would not like it this way but simply look at the results. Productivity increases day on day. Our only concern at this point is the supply of fresh orphans. But why worry about the future when the present is bountiful?

05:08: In France, concerns about Nvidia’s continuing expansion with no sustainable source of orphans secured are on the rise, as we learned speaking to this man on the street.

05:16: Do you not see the effect this is having? The streets are empty of youth, there is no sound of children playing in the park, the sight of kids is nearly forgotten. Yes, at first this was seen as a great success. Now. Now I am not so sure.

05:25: [The rest of the video is simply the presenter reciting statistics supporting the theory that there are fewer and fewer children across Europe and then balancing this with the year on year growth of Nvidia.]

Meanwhile, that interview summary,McLeod talks about how they’ve tried to make speed a central component of capture the flag; allowing infantry to hop into a vehicle once they’ve picked up the flag means the game never slows as infantry have to relay across open spaces, constantly being picked off by the flag-ownerssnipers and aircraft.

Air Superiority is a development of TankSuperiority(the new mode in Armored Kill), though it was originally introduced in Battlefield 1943. Player numbers in AirSuperioritygames will be capped at 24 players -two teams of twelve – though each will always have access to a jet. So there’ll be none of that sitting about on the runway waiting. Winning the mode is a matter ofmaintainingdominance of the map’s three capture points. These take the form of large floating blimps. The more planes your team has circling the airships, the more points you’re gaining for your team.

Gustav Halling talks more about the vehicles that are coming in the DLC. The dirt bike, that we’ve already covered, the transport (which we’ve touched on), and the two new AA jeeps. The jeeps are basically the same old Vodnik and Humvee but with anti-air launchers attached.

End Game is due out on the 2 March.

Cheers for the tip-off, MP1st.