Battlefield 3 lead designer now at Starbreeze working on Payday 2

Payday 2

When Battlefield 3 lead designer David Goldfarb left DICE last month, he made very clear that the move was personal, and by no means a comment on the Battlefield series. He’d been working on a ‘Biblepunk’ film script, we were told, with no men shooting or being shot at its core. Yet here comes Starbreeze’s new game director, bearing the very same name. What fresh news is this? 

Goldfarb explained himself in a statement to Develop. “I’ve worked on these huge games, and that was great, but I really wanted to work on smaller, tighter, and more intimate projects that are more gameplay driven, and I saw the opportunity to do that here.

“I talked to a lot of places but I felt the best fit for me was Starbreeze and Overkill because they have a really interesting history and a lot of games I really like.”

So what game is “more gameplay driven” than Battlefield 3? It’s Payday: The Heist’s sequel, apparently, which Goldfarb will oversee at now-Starbreeze subsidiary Overkill.

Is there a chance that working as helmsman ona Battlefield gameisn’t a dream job, after all?

See the PayDay 2 trailer here…