Battlefield 4 announcement incoming as Xbox reveal looms


DICE have taken to the rooftops to tell all and sundry that Battlefield 4 will be the subject of a “big announcement” in the very near future. In probably not unrelated news, Microsoft unveil their new plastic PC before the eyes of the world later today.

“Big announcements are coming soon!”, tweeted the developers from the main Battlefield account. And for those still holding a torch for that 2142 sequel, I’m sorry to say that a Battlefield 4 hashtag made it in there too.

It’s possible that the new game will feature as part of Microsoft’s Xbox reveal event, now only eight hours away.

CVG’s sources report that some sort of exclusivity agreement with EA is likely to form the backbone of the reveal. Let’s hope that it’s not the new Battlefield that’ll be subject to Xbox-only features or the lag in DLC release dates we’ve suffered since the release of the series’ last iteration.

Chief rival Call of Duty: Ghosts is also expected to make an appearance at tonight’s event, which begins at 6pm GMT / 10am PDT. If Battlefield really is set to join Infinity Ward’s latest for the show, which game do you think is likely to emerge smelling freshest?

Thanks, CVG.