Battlefield 4 to be bundled with AMD cards


Speaking to, AMD’s corporate vice president of global channel sales Roy Taylor said that “you can expect that Battlefield 4 will be part of [future] Never Settle bundles”. Confirming that DICE’s upcoming shooter will be bundled with AMD cards, the announcement also suggests that it will be the next generation of graphics cards rather than the current set on sale.

The demo of Battlefield 4 which EA and DICE presented at GDC was running on an AMD 7990 but Xbit Labs claim that “chances are that AMD will add the game to its next-generation graphics cards, not the current-gen products.”

While a firm release date for Battlefield 4 has not been announced (earlier today there was a rumour that it would be October 31st after an accidental post to the EA Facebook pages, this has been redacted by EA) the general window is in October.