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Battlefield 4 commander mode: first screens and footage


DICE’s got round to showing Battlefield 4’s multiplayer in action (it’s about time) and, more importantly, the returning commander mode.

The commander mode allows one player on each team to provide assets and intelligence to troops on the ground. The commander can do all this while working with a tablet. Very nifty.

The action was taking place across the Siege of Shanghai map, a huge coastal level that sees infantry fighting street by street and building by building, surrounded by tall skyscrapers. Of course, being battlefield, there were also planes, tanks, and ships all thrown into the mix for good measure.

In the footage we were shown the commander was able to suppress the enemy with an artillery strike (a welcome return for the bombardment, last seen in Bad Company 2). But their actual role in the day-to-day runnings of a multiplayer game were left undefined. Just how vital will it be to follow your commander’s orders?


We’ll be able to get a much better idea of how the new game will work over the next week as EA are streaming a 64-player match throughout E3. You’ll be able to see it over at Battlefield.com.

During Microsoft’s press conference there was some footage of the singleplayer campaign, too.