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Battlefield 4 falls further as microtransactions appear

Battlefield 4 microtransactions

It was never going to look good. An expensive game with premium membership options also getting microtransactions. That’s what’s happening in Battlefield 4 today, with DICE and EA making a move that was predicted before the game even launched. 

You can now throw money at the rickety game for the privilege of getting Battlepacks. DICE calls it a “shortcut to catch up with [your] friends on the Battlefield.” A premium shortcut.

Battlepacks will still be available through regular play, providing accessories, weapons, emblems and other assorted bits of tat. But now you’ll be able to drop $1 – $3 on Bronze, Silver and Gold Battlepacks without earning them through in-game progress.

Given DICE’s difficulties with making the game functional over the last 7 months, the premium DLC and the premium membership options, microtransactions seem in especially poor taste.

Last year, EA said that Battlefield would not have microtransactions and would instead build on premium services and expansions like membership and DLC. Paying money for Battlepacks clearly does not fall under that.

I anticipate a great deal of seething.