Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Easter Egg hints at nuclear weapons

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Easter Egg hints at nuclear weapons

Battlefield 4 inspires a lot of internet sleuthing with its Easter Eggs. There was megalodon, of course, the giant prehistoric shark, and what could be a bigger deal than a gargantuan ocean predator? A nuke, as it happens. When JackFrags showed off writing on a wall in his Naval Strike DLC impressions, everyone got their deerstalkers out. 

The translation was “Underground project 273 For the sake of the people, be prepared for war and desolation.” Underground project 273 was discovered to be a government run nuclear test site. On Reddit, LachlanCotter and Wintergore have dug up all sorts of information – though the hunt is still on for what this is hinting at. Is it nuclear DLC? Or maybe it relates to the Phantom Trainee password?

The text found underground is from a book, “Mao’s War Against Nature: Politics and the Environment in Revolutionary China”. Much of the book deals with Chinese industry, the relocation of factories and a satellite launching centre.

The suggestion from LachlanCotter and Wintergore is that the Final Stand DLC could involve a strike by the US against China to destroy the countries industrial capabilities.

LachlanCotter uploaded a new video a couple of days ago from the Naval Strike DLC. In an underground area, lights start to flicker, maybe in morse code, and a voice echoes around the cave warning players away. “Stay away and leave this place”, it says.

What the Easter Egg will lead to is still a mystery, but one that will hopefully be solved given the collective sleuthing of countless internet detectives.