Battlefield 4 Origin pre-loads now possible in the US and Europe


For a certain kind of power-prone individual – maybe you – PC gaming is all about optimisation. Min-maxing these stats and picking up this item to ensure that boss explodes instantly, covering your smiling face in precisely the kind of fine red mist extensive research had led you to expect.

Let’s not pretend that kind of thinking doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of Diablo III. For instance: right now you could pre-order Battlefield 4, pre-load the game via Origin, and be totally primed for the moment the ‘Play’ button turns green tomorrow (or in three and a half days’ time, or next week, depending on how lucky you’ve been with the regional launch lottery).

Optimise your route to that point by following this direct link to the Battlefield 4 pre-order page. Perfect.

“Play the second it launches!”, goad EA on the Origin front page. “Pre-load at least 24 hours before launch. While others wait, you’ll fight.”

Launch is a relative term. In North America, it means tomorrow. In Europe it’s Friday, and in Japan it’s next Thursday, November 7. EA have unlocked pre-loads for Europe early, however, which is good of them. Find your region’s release date on this regional release date page.

It seems prudent to stick a launch trailer here, so here’s one:

Battlefield 4 is a story! One built around the ever-so-slightly tiresome motif of no one ever getting left behind ever. It also has a lady soldier in it – one more than in every Call of Duty up till Ghosts – and a ‘child’ which appears to be a shrunken version of the same character model. One step at a time, I suppose.

Is it worth pre-loading for, d’you think?