Battlefield 4 release date set for October 31, Commander Mode and Battlelog 2.0 spilled by retailer


Forget your electronic entertainment expos, the work of spin magicians thousands of miles away. Your Nintendo Directs, broadcast from boardrooms on the other side of the world. The game announcement has gone local. Fancy knowing more about the next Battlefield or CoD? Simply rummage through the storage rooms of your nearest supermarket, or frequent the online listings of your favourite obscure retailer. That’s what BF4Central did, and you’ll never guess what they found.


So that’s an October 31 release date, on Xbox and PS3 (and, if history and justice teaches us anything, PC). A return for Commander Mode, the strategic, Natural Selection-style metagame that rendered Battlefield 2 so unknowable and alluring to new players. An update for DICE’s stat-tracking “state of the art gaming portal”, Battlelog. And the continuation of the Premium payment system, this time beginning with an exclusive DLC pack: Drone Strike.

No alarms and no surprises, then – but a welcome defribbing of a recent series highlight. And what did you think of that recent Battlefield 4 single player trailer? Will it prove to be as “thrilling” as they say?

Thanks, OXM.