Battlefield 4’s platoons are now open to the masses

Battlefield 4 platoons

Previously only available to Premium members, Battlefield 4’s platoon system separated the haves from the have nots. DICE couldn’t have some random pleb making a platoon. That would be like any old nutter creating a religion or leading a political party. Preposterous.

But fearing revolution – or more likely just because much of Battlefield’s content eventually trickles down – DICE acquiesced, and now any old person can put together a platoon. 

These big clans can be filled with up to 100 players, bound together with their own group name, tags and a social feed, complete with a command structure and a way to track your standing compared to other platoons.

You can head over to Battlelog right now and put together your own platoon, regardless of your membership status.

While this is fairly new to Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3 vets will recognise the system, since it was implemented way back through the mists of time.