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Battlefield: Bad Company gets its own TV show


In a shocking case of sensible genre transplant – in name, at least – DICE’s fable of military misfits gone rogue is to become an “action comedy” for the small screen. It’s being developed by Fox as a series of hour-long episodes. That’s roughly equivalent to the length of Dishonored, if you’re mental.

“Written by [former Alias executive producer] John Eisendrath, Bad Company features the main characters from the game,” reads the description caught by Hollywood Deadline. “It follows four renegade soldiers as they exit military life and enter the private sector. But trouble is never far behind as they realize their commanding officer had used them to further the ends of a shadow unit within the government and now wants them dead to cover his tracks.”

That’s not exactly the plot of Bad Company, of course, and if the twist rate keeps up you can bet it’ll wind up somewhere entirely off the map by episode four.

But the now long-deceased Alias was a cleverly folded thing: it had silly scissor kicks and Brosnan-era Bond gadgetry at its core, but somehow managed to convince as to its grittiness with top notch writing. Maybe Eisendrath can play a similarly double-sided card here.

Will you be tuning in, as the dinosaurs used to say?