New Battlefield 3 Aftermath and End Game DLC confirmed at E3


EA are on a roll. Fresh from accidentally confirming that Battlefield Premium is definitely a thing, they’ve finally reveled the existence of two further DLC packs for Battlefield 3: Aftermath and End Game.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath was very briefly mentioned in the leaked Battlefield Premium announcement trailer that appeared (and was promptly pulled off the internet by EA and stomped to death) earlier today, but then they confirmed it with the briefest of details: it’s set in a city following an earthquake. In addition the End Game DLC was also announced. Despite rumours that it would involve the players fighting off dinosaurs, the reality is that it seems to be about “high-speed” fights from the back of motorcycles.

The DLC will be available to Premium members fully two weeks before the oiks are allowed to play. All the rumoured details of that have been confirmed.