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Battlerite’s massive Halloween update adds two new champs and spooky chests

Battlerite Halloween

Battlerite, the sort of MOBA-ish arena battle thing that’s doing quite well in Early Access, is doing even better now that there’s two more champs and some spooky Halloween content after a massive 0.8 patch.

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Proving you don’t need a botched ARG to release new characters, the Battlerite team went ahead and dropped two into the new build almost completely unannounced alongside a frankly overwhelming number of balance tweaks to almost every other character.

Jumong, the beast hunter, uses a bow to trap and then murder other arena combatants, while Ruh Kaan, the crypt warden, consumes souls and looks suspiciously like Overwatch’s Reaper in his “Horned Necromancer” Halloween costume.

There’s also a Halloween chest containing some rare event items and battle mounts, as well as a Battle Wolf mount for all those who purchased the Ultimate Fan Pack.

As far as those balance changes go, the majority are focused on making more champion combinations viable in the arena, and fiddling with the power spikes the between-round Battlerite upgrades provide. You’ll want to go and see the full list of patch changes to make sure your favourite pub stomper is still in the running.