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Take command of Battletech’s campaign from the Argo space station

BattleTech impressions

Battletech had a showing at E3 2017’s PC Gaming Show, giving us all an update on how the tactical mech battler is getting along. Specifically, developer Hairbrained focused on the single-player, story-led campaign.

Want to know more? The details on Battletech.

Similar to XCOM, there’s a home base where you’ll plan all your strikes from. The Argo is the husk of a spaceship being used as a mercenary command centre. You can take it between star systems, searching for jobs ranging from petty dictator contracts to working for the noble houses.

The ship can be navigated from area to area, very similar to how the XCOM base operates, and upgrades can be applied to aid your campaign. You can also customise the weapons, armour, and heat-sinks of your mechs from here, too.

The campaign focuses on risk and reward gameplay, as you try to make money and negate the amount you’ll have to pay for repairs. You’ll need to tactically damage enemies in order to salvage their parts.

The game has an open-ended campaign, allowing you to continue playing after the storyline concludes.