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Microsoft is making a new Battletoads

battletoads release date

Rare’s 1991 beat-’em-up game is getting what looks like a complete remake that will release in 2019 – a hefty 27 years after the first game. In one of the more meme-worthy reveals of the show, the new Battletoads game will feature three-player couch co-op, 4K hand-drawn graphics, and is due to release next year.

It is still unclear if this newly announced Battletoads game is a reboot, remake, remaster, or sequel, but the mention of 4K hand-drawn graphics sounds a lot like the type of remaster that was performed on Day of the Tentacle. This is certainly one of the least expected announces of the Microsoft E3 2018 press conference, but it does show Microsoft doing a bit more with Rare’s IPs since acquiring the UK studio in 2002.

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One additional detail that we’re not quite sure about is the E3 2018 reveal trailer’s mention of “body morphing genre mash-ups” – there’s every chance that this is just Rare having a poke at overzealous feature announcements.

Here’s the Battletoads E3 2018 trailer:

There was no gameplay and even no confirmation that Battletoads would be coming to PC. However, Microsoft have made it clear that they intend to bring every Xbox exclusive to PC as well, so we’re confident that Battletoads is no different.