Battlezone is playable without a VR headset next month


Battlezone, a first-person tank-based shooter, was a launch title for PlayStation’s VR system. It later came to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive via Steam, but until now, it has not been possible to play it without a VR headset. Until now.

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Developers Rebellion have now announced Battlezone: Gold Edition, which includes the base game and all its additional content, and is playable without a headset. If you already own the base version of Battlezone, Gold Edition will be available as afreeand automatic update.

That additional content includes tank skins, horns, and a range of rather cute bobblehead figurines to put on your tank’s dashboard (including Rogue Trooper, and Judges Dredd and Death). More importantly, there’s also a Classic Mode, based on the original Battlezone arcade cabinet from the 1980s.

Battlezone puts you in the cockpit of “the most powerful tank in the galaxy” in a procedurally generated campaign for 1-4 players. You’re up against the vehicular minions of an evil megacorporation ravaging Earth in a neon-washed dystopian future.

Battlezone is on Steam here, where it currently has 50% off its regular price of £29.99 ($39.99). The discount lasts until April 23. The Gold Edition upgrade will release on May 1, 2018.