Battlezone will be a PlayStation VR launch title, but it’s still coming to PC

Battlezone launching on PlayStation VR first

Rebellion’s new Battlezone game, announced at E3, won’t be available on PC until after the launch of PlayStation VR. Rebellion revealed that the reimagining of the ‘80s game would be a PlayStation VR launch title at Paris Games Week, yesterday. 

This was accompanied by a new trailer, which you can point your eyes at below.

Where does this leave the PC version for the Oculus Rift?

“In September we announced that Battlezone was coming to Oculus Rift for PC,” Rebellion told us. “This situation hasn’t changed at all with the ‘First on PlayStation VR’ announcement, however we’re concentrating on delivering a PSVR launch title first, and so can’t say yet exactly how much later it’ll be coming to PC. Hopefully our recent track record with fully-fledged and optimised PC editions of Sniper Elite 3 and Zombie Army Trilogy will reassure VR fans on PC that we don’t take their platform for granted!”

There is no release date for either version.

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