Bayonetta 3 could be on the cards, but when?


Bayonetta has been a hit since the first game was released in 2009 – it even made its way onto PC with a surprise Steam release recently. With that in mind, now would be a good time for Sega to make a third outing a possibility. That might be what’s happening. Speaking at BitSummit in Japan, PlatinumGames producer Atsushi Inaba has strongly hinted that another game for the beloved Bayonetta could be in the pipeline. 

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In a BitSummit interview with Source Gaming, Inaba explains that “we’re talking within the company even now about what to do” with regards to making a new Bayonetta game. Before you get too excited, note that he added that, “because we’re constantly talking about it, that actually makes it really hard to say” when or if it would even happen.

So PlatinumGames haven’t ruled out a new Bayonetta, and it seems like they haven’t ruled out a different protagonist, either. “Maybe there would be a male Bayonetta!” Inaba jokes. “There’s plenty of precedent for changing protagonists.”

Could there be a new Bayonetta game? It’s likely. As for when it might arrive, there’s no way to tell at this moment in time. Bayonetta has been heralded as one of the best action games out there, so if there’s talk about another one on the way, that’s encouraging news.

Check out the full interview here.